Organize the Event

Hello fellow students (well, that is an assumption, but we think it’s justified). Interested in getting involved? There are a few reasons you should be! Being an event organizer is:

  • an excellent resume builder
    • demonstrates your ability to work on teams
    • demonstrates time management skills
    • is definitely something that will allow you to write down “achievements” rather than “job descriptions”
  • an excellent experience
    • real practice pitching for sponsorship of a project
    • real practice planning and executing those plans
    • real practice marketing an event (internationally next year?)
    • fun, and something to be proud of
  • an excellent network builder
    • your team members will come from other schools
    • you will be involved in promotional events that include people from Industry and people from other programs
    • You will be reaching out to people from Industry who might be able to sponsor or judge the event (and might be able to employ you in the future!)

Most of the responsibilities for this year have already been filled, but we still need people to help on the day of the event to make sure that participants are taken care of. Also, we will need almost an entirely new team for next years event as most of us are graduating this year, so getting people involved at this stage, even though there might not be too much to do, will give those of us who are leaving a chance to pass the torch in an effective way. Positions we will likely need for next year include, but are not limited to:

  • a team coordinator – someone to make sure that everyone is keeping up to date and up to speed.
  • PR team members- the PR team monitors email, writes stories for the web-page, and drafts press-releases for media.
    • presentations at kick-off events, meetings with non-sponsoring stake holders (such as University Faculty/Admins) are likely to be made by members of this team.
  • A webmaster/designer – someone who can maintain the website if not improve on it. If possible, this person might also design presentations and other materials for the rest of the team.
  • Sponsorship team members – responsible for making presentations and pitches to potential sponsors and following up with them after they have pledged.
  • Judge team member – responsible for approaching potential judges outside of the sponsorship companies if deemed necessary.
  • Venue/Event Coordinators
  • Treasurer/Accounting

If you’d like to hear more about how you can get involved right now, or how to get involved for next year, please email us at, and we will get in touch to answer your questions!

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