Judge the Event

We believe that judging an event such as the case competition has greater benefits than simply getting a warm fuzzy feeling inside because you donated your time to a good cause. You get to see, judge, and (admittedly only for a short time) interact with the next generation of business leaders in a very intimate and honest setting. It is a great opportunity to see a diverse pool of talent, coming from a diverse selection of schools, live – in action. Something that no interview can really simulate well.

In other words, we believe that being a judge gives you and your firm an excellent scouting opportunity. You’ll get to see 20-24 high potential candidates presenting on ideas which resulted from their ability to analyze real business situations and work on a team in the just 5 hours.

If you have time, and are willing to act as  a one-off mentor to the competitors in your division/the finalists, please contact us at info@jmbacc.org. Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

12-16 from your division + 8 from the other two divisions in the finals
The entire event is expected to run from 11:30-20:30, but only 4 hours of that time will be spent on presentations. The rest is dedicated to registration, deliberation, speeches, and the reception.

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