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Participating Schools

About Aoyama GakuinThe first night graduate school among Japanese private universities, established in April 1990. Currently, Aoyama business school – Graduate School of International Management offers MBA (full and flextime) , Ph.D and DBA programs. In an era of turbulent changes, our MBA course strives to cultivate management professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and the skills to initiate enterprises and transform organizations.
About Chuo Graduate School of Strategic ManagementThrough the MBA program at Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management, we offer programs which integrate key business components ; business strategy, marketing, human resource management and corporate legal issues. Taking advantage of a long tradition of legal education at Chuo University, this integrated program is designed to prepare students who are familiarized with both legal and management issues in the corporate world. By bringing together a group of highly-qualified specialists in these areas, Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management will train you to develop unparalleled “Leadership Thinking”.
About Doshisha Global MBALocated in Kyoto, the fast-growing Global MBA Program of Doshisha University features an emphasis on social responsibility, unique focus areas in green business, business in Asia, and culture and creativity, and an experiential approach that opens the doors to career opportunities in Japan and abroad.
About GlobisStarting from scratch in 1992, GLOBIS has grown into one of Asia’s fastest-growing business schools with over 7000 students studying at campuses across Japan and subsidiaries in Singapore and Shanghai. GLOBIS is Japan’s largest MBA provider, offering a two-year part-time and one-year full-time program entirely in English in the heart of Tokyo.

A former start-up with its own venture capital arm, GLOBIS has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and focuses on deep self-reflection and development of students’ core values. Through these means the school aims to develop visionary leaders who create and innovate societies.

About Hitotsubashi ICSHitotsubashi University was founded in 1875 to educate “Captains of Industry” through combining the best of Japanese and Western philosophies and practices, and to lead Japan’s entry into the industrialized world. For 135 years, Hitotsubashi graduates have been at the forefront of Japanese business, government, academics, and media. In 2000, Hitotsubashi University founded the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy to continue its tradition of developing global leaders.
About McGill Japan, Desautels Faculty of ManagementOur EQUIS-accredited program is the leading MBA program in Tokyo and one of the top Weekend MBA programs in the world. Offered by the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University, the McGill MBA Japan program brings together the best students and professors in Tokyo and Asia
About National Cheng Chi University – iMBAThe NCCU IMBA is the first completely English taught Master Degree MBA program in Taiwan and half of our students are foreign nationals from 35 countries. 1/3 of our faculty are invited from top universities abroad, 1/3 from the business community and 1/3 from within our business school. It is a very practical and theory balanced MBA program and we have specifically designed a series of courses under our concentration – Management in Asia. We have trained professionals for over a decade and we believe our NCCU IMBA to be an excellent choice for anyone interested in learning Asia business dynamics as the world shifts to Asia’s economic importance.
About Tsukuba UniversityThe Tsukuba MBA-IB Program was established in 2005 with an educational philosophy of effectively developing international business management professionals who can act autonomously in the new global business environment.

The MBA-IB Program is located on the University of Tsukuba’s Tokyo campus to develop global managers equipped for careers in international business. To further this aim, all classes are taught in English on weekday evenings and Saturdays, and approximately half of the faculty is made up by foreign lecturers and business leaders. The student body is also diverse with students from 14 different countries.

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Event Sponsors


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Thurlestone Capital
Senior Trade Commissioner Business Manager
inn|Health inc.
Canadian Embassy GfK, Japan
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Sr. Principal Consultant Equity Research Head General Manager
Accenture, Japan JP Morgan, Japan Air Canada
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Founder President Regional Manager – Japan, Meat & Livestock Australia
Moneytree K.K IRIS Management Inc Australia and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce


Founding Members

Ines Jimmy
Ines Bahri linkedin-icon copy
MBA Graduate: Aoyama
Event Coordinator
Jimmy Chu linkedin-icon copy
MBA Graduate: McGill
Public Relations
Ariel Daniel linkedin-icon copy
MBA Graduate: Hitotsubashi ICS
Website & Public Relations
Paul Speed linkedin-icon copy
MBA Graduate: McGill
Judge Contact & Recruitment

Event Organizers

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Aya Inagaki
MBA Candidate: McGill
Maki Mizuno
MBA Candidate: McGill
Translation & Support
Andrew Shuttleworth linkedin-icon copy
MBA Candidate: McGill
Reception Coordinator

Other Support

richard.donovan male1
Professor Richard Donovan mcgill
McGill University
Advising Faculty Member
Hideaki Ikeuchi
Tottori University Graduate
Logo Design


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