The Vision

Our Vision:

To have made an impact by connecting MBA candidates and graduates who are familiar with Asia, interested in Japan, and globally minded with each other and with industry players who value them.

Our Mission:

Given the relative youth of MBA programs in Japan, it is our mission to provide a platform upon which MBA and MBA candidates can expand their network. We believe that in connecting our networks of alumni, students, faculty and the companies which the different programs have relationships with, that we will facilitate a more competitive MBA market. This is something that all four parties mentioned will benefit from.

Our Values

  • Compete – give participants the opportunity to hone their skills through friendly competition.
  • Collaborate – create an environment in which people from different programs, countries, backgrounds and levels of experience can work together to address real life issues.
  • Communicate – provide a platform upon which all parties involved can both communicate their ideas regarding the issue at hand, and set the groundwork for further collaboration in the future by building their network.

The story

One of the strengths of an international MBA can also be considered a weakness: the network you develop through your university is spread out all over the world. As time passes, and the volume of each individual program’s network increases, this will not have a downside. However, during the nascent stages of development, it means that the members in each area will be spread rather thin. To fill this void in our program specific networks, a number of┬áMBA programs in Tokyo started organizing events to get connected with each other.

We believe that having a large peer network would both fill a gap in our networks, and enrich it. Getting people involved, however, usually requires some sort of activity upon which everyone can focus – thus the Japan MBA Case Competition.┬áCompetitions are fun. Winning them is a great resume booster. Getting prizes on top of that is always a plus. However, ask anyone on the organizing team and we will all tell you that we believe the competition is a means by which to achieve an end – not the end itself. In other words, the real value of this competition is the information and contact sharing that will take place. Our goal is to help participants of all types create lasting relationships with people they would not have otherwise met at that time.

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