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Table of Contents

Semi-Finalist Teams

This year we are honored to welcome teams from the following schools (in Alphabetical Order):

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Schedule Outline for Observers & Access

11:30 Doors open for Audience Members
11:50 – 13:50 Semi-Final Round
13:50-15:00 Break
14:45 Doors for Finals Reopen
15:00 – 17:00 Finals
17:30 – 20:00 Reception at Rihga Royal Hotel


Waseda University is graciously hosting this year’s event. The competition will be held in Building 11 (Google Maps Link), on the fifth floor. The easiest way to access Building 11 is to take the 3A exit from Waseda Station, on the Tozai line, and follow the route indicated in red below.


The reception will be held at the Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo, which is indicated in Blue on the map. Volunteers for the event will help guide audience members and participants to the reception after the final round. We highly encourage audience members to participate in the reception, as we believe that the networking opportunities this event creates are really where the value comes from, and as it is where the winner of the final round is announced.

Standing Reception with Open Bar. The first thirty minutes will be held in the Foyer of the hotel, with a 2 hour reception in one of its banquet halls.

Pre-Register:        6,000 JPY per person
At the Door:          7,000 JPY per person

Preregistration Procedures: Please fill out this survey to preregister. Preregistration ends at 23:59 JST, November 14th. Payment for the reception will be collected on the 15th, throughout the day.

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Teams & Brackets

To increase the fairness of the competition, Teams will not use their university names during the competition. Rather, each team has been assigned a letter. For audience members who wish to know which team letter is from which school, please contact us or ask us at the event. You can also ask your school’s team directly.

The semi-final round works like a tournament in which the teams are divided into 3 brackets. This year we have decided to do this division in advanced, using a list randomization tool and screen capture, to make the orientation procedures smoother than they have been in the past.  The results are below, and you can watch this video if you like to see how the list was randomized..

Team Brackets
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Links to other important updates

Judge Profiles have been added.
Sponsor profiles have been added.

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