JMBACC 2015 Registration is Officially Open!

Mark down the date! JMBACC is scheduled to take place on November 15th, and will be held at Waseda University this year. Registration is officially open, and closes on September 30th, at 23:59 JST. 

Also, we have some big announcements to make about how our 3rd year is going to be bigger and better than ever. Read on for details!

A live Business Case!

That’s right! From the start of the JMBACC it was the organizing committees desire to develop cases specifically for the JMBACC. In this, our third year, the organizing committee has been able to actualize that goal by collaborating with our Case Company for 2015, LIXIL Corporation.

Not only will competitors will be asked to evaluate and make a recommendation for an actual business issue LIXIL faces today, the judges panel will also include members from LIXIL. So you can get feedback and have the opportunity to network with people for whom the case issue is most relevant.

Active recruitment of teams from outside of Japan

Although we have never actively recruited from outside of Japan, the JMBACC has been blessed by the participation of schools from outside of Japan since our inception in 2013. Due to the increased interest in our second year (five overseas schools made inquieries), and the organizers increased know-how in all that is involved in helping over-seas teams participate, we have decided to openly welcome participants from all over the world to join our event going forward. If you are interested in participating our our event and are enrolled in a program that is not in Japan, please visit this page for general information, and contact us immediately at so we can get preparations underway!

New competition format

Going forward, the JMBACC will comprise of three, rather than two rounds. The first round (Round 1) will take place via telecommunication from October 1st-October 13th (results announced October 20th) to determine the semi-finalists who will be invited to participate in Rounds 2 and 3 on November 15th, 2015. Specifics about the overall competition rules and regulations can be found here, with a more detailed explanation of Round 1 here.

And because we know there will be questions, here’s a quick rundown of the reasons for the addition of this additional layer to the competition:

  1. To keep the schedule manageable and the networking opportunities ideal, the organizing committee believes the maximum number of teams the JMBACC can support during the semi-finals is 12. We aren’t complaining of course, but last year (2014) we had interest from 16 different schools. In the end only 12 teams decided to register, but it became clear that we would need to add an additional layer to select the semi-finalists for the competition day in November going forward. (First come first serve just didn’t seem the way to go).
  2. The case is live, and the case sponsor is sending delegates to join the judges panel, attend as audience members, and join the networking event. The organizers believe that it is in everyone’s best interest that additional incentive and opportunities be given to participants to get familiar with the case company, and the market within which the case issue takes place prior to the event.

That’s it for now! Please check back here, follow us on facebook, and email us with any inquiries at to keep up to date.